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Developing Tomorrow's Leaders


The Future iDareU Rehab & Training Facility 

iDareU Academy Inc. has a legendary reputation for excellence and developing student athletes. In order to maintain and build upon this reputation and to ensure iDareU Academy Inc. remains at the forefront of high school, collegiate, and professional athletics, iDareU Academy is embarking on a $15 million dollar initiative.

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The iDareU Standard: A Capital Initiative for iDareU Academy will help build our facility and provide the environment necessary to recruit and train the best student-athletes and position our programs as nationally competitive in the future.

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In addition to building an amazing facility, emphasis will be placed on the iDareU Scholarship Fund (the annual scholarship fund) and scholarship endowment. Securing scholarship support will be vital to the financial health of iDareU Academy Inc.


All projects are subject to the approval of the iDareU Academy Inc. Board of Trustees, presidential approval and fundraising success.


Business Suit Drive

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The iDareU Standard (Facility)

Direct Donation Programs


Ways to Give


Providing critically needed support across all sports, annual gifts to the iDareU Academy Inc. Foundation are among the easiest ways to bolster the Athletics Department's immediate resources. You may designate your gift to a specific purpose, such as scholarship support through the iDareU Academy Scholarship Fund, or contribute to the Academy’s Priority Needs Fund, that gives leadership the flexibility to deploy resources where they're needed most.


Endowments are gifts that keep on giving. The goal of fully endowing the Academy scholarship program is a top priority of the IDareU Academy Inc. Foundation to ensure that each student-athlete has access to a quality education to prepare them for a successful future. Endowments are invested by iDareU Academy Inc. and a portion of the earnings provides annual scholarship support. The remaining earnings are reinvested to grow the endowment over time and to provide scholarship support in perpetuity.

As costs for scholarships continue to climb, building a healthy endowment is vital to the future of iDareU Academy Inc. Endowed scholarships cover tuition, educational fees, books, and room and board for our student-athletes. Named scholarship opportunities for donors are available in the following ranges:

Partial Scholarship Endowment $500 - $1500

Full Scholarship Endowment $3500+

In addition to endowed scholarships, other endowments may be established in support of iDareU Academy Inc. specified for specific programs, individual positions, coaching positions, facility maintenance or general program support.

Gifts may be pledged and paid over a period of up to five years. If you are interested in creating an endowment (scholarship or otherwise), please contact us.

Or, to support the endowed scholarship program today, please make an online gift in support of the iDareU Academy
Endowed Scholarship.


Pledges give you the option to make payments toward a gift over time. Pledges are preferred by many donors who wish to make a big impact at iDareU, but seek the more flexible approach of spreading payments over a predetermined span of up to five years. Pledges can be setup on an annual, quarterly or monthly basis to best suit your needs. For more information about making a pledge to support iDareU please contact us.


Honorary gifts are a meaningful way to pay tribute to a living person. It may honor a special occasion or achievement, or merely acknowledge the honoree's importance in your life. Any type of gift can be designated as an honorary gift.

As a courtesy, the iDareU Academy Inc. Foundation will notify the individual that you have made a gift in his/her honor.

Our operations are based in Atlanta Georgia.

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