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AF6 Athletic Scholarship

About the Program

AF6 – HBCU Scholarship

“Treat Every Day Like It’s Your Last One” 

The AF6 – HBCU Scholarship is a one-year award for an athlete who we, (iDareU Academy Inc.), believe has been overlooked for whatever particular reason.  

This one-year award will give the athlete the opportunity to compete at the level we feel the athlete will have the most success.  We have full confidence that this award will give the athlete the best chance of earning a full scholarship after the first year.

This scholarship is named after Addison Ford Sr., who passed away in 2020 from Covid-19. Addison was a person who was always his family, teammates, and friends' biggest cheerleaders.

Born in Columbus, Georgia, playing high-school football for Carver High, Addison earned an athletic football scholarship to Morris Brown University. At Morris Brown, he played QB and wore number six (AF6).  

The qualities that Addison displayed as a person will be the same qualities, we look for our awardee to have.

This Award will be available for both male and female sports.

All suggested nominated athletes should be in by November 1st yearly.  Click - Choose My Athlete  To nominate your Athlete.

Amount of the Award: $25,000.00

Awardee Chosen on November 21st yearly. 

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