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About Us 

For over 15 years, iDareU has developed and trained the most exceptional young men to accomplish their dreams of getting full scholarships to go to college. The program has mentored over 400 scholar athletes seeking a higher education at the collegiate level and further encourages younger participants to stay in school and obtain a high school diploma. While we have had a 99.3% success rate of graduating our young men from high school, 33% of Georgia high school students didn’t graduate with the statistics declining even further for African American and Hispanic students at 40% and 42%, respectively, according to the National Center for Education Statistics (2013).

iDareU trains scholar athletes to be successful using the vehicle of sports and teaches them fundamentals that are needed to flourish in school and becoming a thriving young adult. Since our inception in 2006, we have provided young men with position-specific training, academic counseling, character-building principles, and male-to-male mentoring.

iDareU parents seek assistance from our program because they are searching for a solution for their young men. They know that their sons have extraordinary talent but they also recognize that the challenges teens face growing up in today’s environment. It is no secret that there are countless stories of young men with outstanding talents who never make it out of high school due to peer pressure, and gang violence.

iDareU provides a disciplined and safe haven to not only harness these talents but also assist them with becoming academically and mentally focused and prepared for college and the recruitment process.

iDareU provides our scholar athletes with exposure opportunities by facilitating college tours and camps. We show our young men that they have the ability to get a college education and help them to develop a plan to attend that university. As a result, we currently have young men at Brown, Penn, Duke, and Wake Forest, to name a few. At iDareU, there are no boundaries or dreams too BIG – if our young men want it, they can and will achieve it and we help get them there.



Our  Founder, Glenn T. Ford Jr., is a man of vision and passion for young people. Ford has built a reputation for making the “impossible” POSSIBLE!” With his grassroots upbringing, Ford has built a program that has proven to be a successful pathway for athletes to obtain a free college education.


Entering into his 18th year of iDareU, Ford’s uncompromising dedication to excellence in every phase of the program has resulted in over four hundred (400+) student athletes graduating from high school and receiving full scholarships to college. iDareU has built a solid foundation and is prepared to yield long-term success.


Ford is known by many as a “DB GURU” and has earned the reputation of an outstanding tactician, organizer, motivator, and leader. These qualities and his vision have garnered the attention of colleges across the United States. Ford’s consistent approach and disciplined leadership are the reasons that athletes from iDareU are known for their determination, resilience and grit, and, oftentimes, iDareU's athletes overshadow others at college camps and workouts.

Ford graduated in 1994 from Carver High School in Columbus, Ga as an All-American and earned an athletic scholarship to the University of Georgia where he was a four-year letterman and three-year starter for the Bulldogs. As a student athlete, Ford obtained two college degrees (BS), in Consumer Economics and Housing Development. Ford played professional football but his career ended abruptly after sustaining a major injury.

Instead of giving up on football, Ford decided to channel his energies in the community. Within the last three years, Ford has coached in the National Football League, (NFL), with the Washington Redskins (Bill Walsh Diversity Program) 2017, and the Cleveland Browns as a Defensive Assistant in 2019.

Coach Glenn Ford is also a member of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc. - TAU Chapter.


Ford has recruited a coaching staff with over 40 years of combined experience to assist him in his ventures of helping young men to overcome their socio-economic challenges, focus on their goals and accomplish their dreams of attending college.


Today, iDareU is recognized as the premier training program in the country by several publications.


“We seek to train and expand the minds of every young person who has the dreams of going to college and we will develop a game plan to get them towards their aspirations. We have set our sights high and changing lives. We are so inspired by the courage, hard work, and the determination of our kids that it drives us to take our organization to new heights in support of them.”


Glenn T. Ford Jr.




On June 20th 2016, The Atlanta City Council recognized iDareU for its vision and commitment to transforming the lives
of young people.

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