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Educational Tours/ Camps

About the Program

College tours are a crucial part of the decision-making process in determining which college to attend. Although many of our student-athletes are familiar with local colleges/universities, our college tour helps expand their geographic reach and give them choices that they may not have considered before. Tours also help strengthen our network of college coaches and educators who aren’t familiar with our program so that we can provide greater options for our kids.

Donation Opportunity:

Four-Day Bus Tour (Transportation)

  • $400 per athlete (30 Passenger Mini Bus - $12,000)

  • 60 athletes - $20,000 (2 Buses - $24,000)


  • Avg. Camps Fees $100

  • 50 athletes - $5000

Sponsorship Opportunity

  • Transportation

  • 30-Passenger Mini Bus - $12,000.00

  • Two Buses - $24,000.00

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