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5th Quarter Initiative

About the Program

Most athletes have dreams of being a professional athlete. The reality is less than 2% of all college athletes make it to the pros, with the exception of baseball (~ 12%) according to the NCAA. These numbers are staggering when you think about the requirements that a young person has to fulfill to acquire and maintain an athletic scholarship from an educational institution and the amount of money that is paid to universities ($2B) for sports participation.

Whether our iDareU participants make it to the pros or not, iDareU will still prepare them for the future; therefore, we will continue to monitor and support our young adults through training and mentoring.

We will incorporate additional services such as media training, internships, and interviewing, through partnerships, for a smooth transition from college into their professional careers.

Donation Opportunity

$450 per athlete 

100 athletes - $45,000.00

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