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S.C.H.O.O.L.S. - ACT/SAT Program

About the Program

Success Can Happen Out Of Low Scores (S.C.H.O.O.L.S.)

The SCHOOLS program focuses on the academic side of being a student-athlete. The NCAA and each University and College have certain qualifications that the student-athlete has to obtain in order to receive a full scholarship. Our staff has created programs that we feel give our athletes the information needed to obtain these requirements.

  • Cleared – Our Cleared program builds the capacity of athletes by focusing on preventive strategies to ensure academic success and eligibility to compete at their next level.

  • ACT/SAT Prep Classes –  Five (5) 4-hour weekend day or evening live instructional sessions, once per week on Saturday mornings and Sunday evenings over a five-week period, plus 8 hours of homework per week online with 24-7 access to our SCHOOLS Learning Management System! The first and last weeks are Full 4-hour ACT or SAT Mock Tests!

  •  The FULL ACT or SAT Prep Intensive includes all ACT or SAT Study Manuals, instructional videos, and 1,250 ACT or SAT Practice Test Questions. This class is open to the public. We’ve negotiated a great price of $250.00 for the six-week class.

Donation Opportunity

$250 per athlete

100 athletes - $25,000.00

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