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Success Stories

"If there was just a word or two to describe iDareU it would probably be "Family" or "Life Changing."

However, I will just say the iDareU program was introduced to us at a time when we didn't know of anyone else that could help take Mike to the next Level.

From the first day we trained there the atmosphere and trainers was next level and it felt like family.

Coach Ford is a constant force in the program who is always trying to take the program and it's kids to the next level. A lot of the kids who don't have a constant male role model in their lives look to Coach Ford and the other coaches for guidance, protection, and to help get them in a school.

I believe Ford was built to be a positive force in these kids lives."

- Michael Carter

"For the Terrell's, There's not enough good things we can say about Coach Ford and iDareU!

With two of our sons going through the iDareU Program... AJ Terrell (since 2011) and "Avi" Terrell, we are 100% grateful and thankful for the tools iDareU Has provided them with. The countless college visits each year, specific position training, leadership,

accountability, brotherhood and a family atmosphere! With the Vision of all young

men/athletes to get a free education, iDareU prepares them Academically and Athletically to perform and compete on the
next level!

Coach Ford, we thank you for your Mentoring, your Sacrifice and the Blood, Sweat & Tears you have put into our young athletes turn men! Keep moving forward...Opening New Doors and New Things!"

- Aundell & Aliyah Terrell

"When we came to iDareU we already knew there was an amazing tradition to uphold. Working with Coach Ford was truly an eye opening experience. It was more than just football the thing I noticed was the unbreakable brotherhood. The training sessions were top notch equally challenging both physical and mental. The attention to detail that Coach Ford places on his athletes is unmatched. This was by far

the absolute best decision that we've made! iDareU is definitely

a Family!"

- Kenyatta Watson

"Never in my life have I met anyone that's as passionate as Billy. You can see how much he genuinely enjoys watching the progression of players getting better. It doesn't matter if you're a vet, or it's your first time playing football, he puts in the same energy to everyone. Never will I forget the time he put into me... I'll forever be thankful."

- Natrez Patrick

"iDareU is one of the best athletic training programs for young men of all ages. iDareU has helped develop my sons into successful D1 and professional athletes. We are truly blessed to be a part of the awesome iDareU Family. Thank You Coach Ford for all you do!!!”

- Courtney Warmack

"The program diary has been an inspiration to many youths that have talent and needed a place to grow, perfect, and showcase the GOD given talent that would be difficult to tap into. Glenn Ford & his staff of coaches have groomed young men to not only be good athletes, but have open up doors so they have a chance to visit Universities to want to attend. This program helped perfect Xavier's skills to be able to be the successful young man he is today!!! I thank the iDareU Organization & Glenn Ford.

Continued Success”

- Lee McKinney

"iDareU has been an essential component towards building foundational DB techniques towards taking our son Trey Dean to the next level in high school, college, and beyond. The DB skills gained from participating in iDareU's customized training programs has prepared Trey to be an active focused competitor on and off the field.”

- Dean Family

"iDareU was the best thing for our sons football development. This program turned a good athlete into a D1 power 5 athlete. Once he committed to the training there was a major shift in his abilities and confidence that transferred to the field but it didn't stop there. Glenn knew what he was creating and got coaches to see it and another kid was able to go to school for free playing the game he loved. Be committed to #monsterville and you'll experience what so many have and that is success of becoming the best athlete they can be which gets recognized by coaches that can make a life changing decision.”

- Hardimon Family

"The iDareU program has changed my life entirely. From the first training session I had until now. I have nothing but great respect for coach Ford and the rest of the coaches. They have treated me like family from day one. In just two weeks of training with him I saw my game drastically get better not physically but from the mental aspect as well. The iDareU program really focuses on making everyone in their program better every single training session. Not only was he a great trainer but he also help me achieve my dream of playing football for a power 5 school. Coach ford also always make sure to check in on us athletes outside of football to make sure we are doing good. iDareU is the best training program in the country for DB’s trying to improve their skills. I am proud to say that I am an iDareU athlete!"

        Chris Edmonds - Arizona State University

"We are so blessed to have two sons now playing college football and that is in large part to the training & development they received with the iDareU program. Coach Ford and team helped them to develop a strong set of techniques and fundamentals that added to their natural athletic ability. The thing that separates iDareU athletes from many kids when they get to college is that coaches don’t have to worry about trying to teach them DB fundamentals before they can teach them scheme. iDareU athletes come in with sound technique so they can focus on the scheme side of things sooner and see the field sooner. There is no other training program that does that and iDareU has the results to back that statement up."

-Derrik Allen Sr.

"iDareU laid the foundation of my athletic career because it started off as a mentality long before it was an organization. I Dare You To Try Me.. Being a DB and the next play mentality has allowed me to become a champion and continue to succeed at a high level through whatever adversity life throws my way"

Christian Coleman - Olympic Champion & Gold Medalist  
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