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A Touch of Class!

If the slogan, "Doing it the Right Way" had a spokes person, Michael Carter II would definitely be a no brainer choice. Everything about this young man embodies "Elegance and Class."

The way he carry's himself; he's never to loud, calm under pressure, is where he suppose to be, when he's suppose to be there, and is productive when he gets there.

Michael Carter II graduated from Duke University in 2020, crossed the burning sands of Omega Psi Phi in Spring 2020, and was drafted by the New York Jets in the fifth round of the 2021 draft.

Last Friday on October 20, 2023, Michael celebrated with family and friends as South Paulding High School retired his High School #26 jersey.

Coach Glenn Ford from iDareU Academy Inc. was in attendance and grab a picture with Michael who has trained with iDareU Academy since the ninth grade.

"As a coach having the opportunity to work with a young man like Mike and see the success he's had on and off the field, is such a blessing to be apart of. When he's out on the field working out with the current high school, college, and pro players, in the off season, they get a chance to see how he carry's himself, which makes my job easier."

Coach Derek Jones who was Mike's Coach at Duke University said this, "Michael Carter II is walking example of the definition of a captain. He's the type of person and player you can always reference when explaining how to do things right or how things should be done. His attitude, mindset, work ethic and mentality are just as big a part of his success as his physical talent and ability. I can't remember a single day I didn't enjoy and feel privileged to coach him."

Micheal Carter II is man of few words, but he's character and actions are LOUD & NOTICEABLE!

We hope this post brings enlightens you about a young man doing it the right way, with a "Touch of Class."

iDareU Media

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