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Board Of Directors 

“A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus, but a molder of consensus.”

Martin Luther King Jr.

Glenn T. Ford Jr. – Chairman

Our Founder and CEO, Glenn T. Ford Jr., is a man of vision and passion for young people. Ford has built a reputation for making the “impossible” POSSIBLE!” With his grassroots upbringing, Ford has built a program that has proven to be a successful pathway for athletes to obtain a free college education.

Entering into his 16th year of iDareU, Ford’s uncompromising dedication to excellence in every phase of the program has resulted in over three hundred (400+) student athletes graduating from high school and receiving full scholarships to college. iDareU has built a solid foundation and is prepared to yield long-term success.

Robert Johnson - Vice Chairman

Katrina Sims – Treasurer

LeAnthony Williams - Community Service Initiative 

Reggie Wimberly Sr. - Educational Tours & Camps

Rodney Jefferson - Juvenile Delinquency Prevention

Devin White - Mentor, Leadership, & Life Skills

Marcus Hunter - 5th Quarter Initiative

Nikki Hunter - School Programs

Isiah Johnson - Financial Literacy 

Chandra Haslem - Another Approach 

Carla Merrell - Signing Day Celebration 

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