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Middle School

5th Grade – 8th Grade

This period is truly the beginning of when these young athletes will start to show seriousness of what sport(s) each athlete would like to pursue in college. This is also the period when these young athletes will begin to show some attributes or skill-sets that might separate them from their peers. We like to call this, “The Foundation Building Period.” With this being a very important period for young athletes, parents should have an intense process or plan of who they will decide to trust with their sons and daughters. We’re proud that, “EVERY,” studentathlete that has participated with iDareU Academy Inc., from middle-school thru high school, “ALL” received Full Scholarships to the school of their choice. We look forward to you joining the iDareU Family.

Here are the Middle School Athletes with iDareU Academy Inc. Click on their name for more information.

When you click on the kids name below it will take you to their own page

8th Graders

7th Graders

6th Graders

lil Monsters 

Zion Carter - CB

Nicholas Daniels - DB

Todd Haslem - DB

Kelani Robertson - DB

Rahj Rowe - CB

Jett Watson - CB

Donovan Wilburn - CB

Chandler  McCarver - S

Reece Pirrier - DB

Donovan Wilburn - CB

Bryce Willingham - CB

Ashton Clements - CB

Salaam Davis - CB

Braylen Everhart - CB

Tyler Willingham - CB

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