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Glenn T. Ford Jr.

Ford is known by many as a “DB GURU” and has earned the reputation of an outstanding tactician, organizer, motivator, and leader. These qualities and his vision have garnered the attention of colleges across the United States. Ford’s consistent approach and disciplined leadership are the reasons that athletes from iDareU are known for their determination, resilience and grit, and, oftentimes, iDareU's athletes overshadow others at college camps and workouts.

Ford graduated in 1994 from Carver High School in Columbus, Ga as an All-American and earned an athletic scholarship to the University of Georgia where he was a four-year letterman and three-year starter for the Bulldogs. As a student athlete, Ford obtained two college degrees (BS), in Consumer Economics and Housing Development. Ford played professional football but his career ended abruptly after sustaining a major injury.

Instead of giving up on football, Ford decided to channel his energies in the community. Within the last three years, Ford has coached in the National Football League, (NFL), with the Washington Redskins (Bill Walsh Diversity Program) 2017, and the Cleveland Browns as a Defensive Assistant in 2019.

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